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Gastroenterology is a specialty that deals with digestive system disorders.the specialist physician of this specialty named gastroenterologist.this specialty includes esophagus,stomach,intestines,bowel,liver,gall-bladder, pancreas and the diseases of these organs like; ulcers,gastritis,jaundice,cirrhosis,spastic colon(irritable bowel syndrome),gall-bladder Stones and inflamations,gastro-intestinal cancers, hemorrhoids. different kind of endoscopes are used for diagnoses.ın order to visualize of osefagus, stomach and duedenum, osefago-gastroduodenuscope(endoscope)is used and colonoscope is used for bowels.digestive system provides moving of nutriments through digestive canal,breaking into pieces of bigger molecules to building blocks via digestive secretions and providing these building blocks,wate and electrolytes to be absorbed and transferto the blood circulation.digestion start with taking nutrients to the mouth.nutrients divided into small pieces with chewing them in the mouth then mixed with saliva and transfered to the stomach via esophagus.stomach makes nutrients a sem,-liquid state and transfer them to small intestines.ın addition to this it breaks proteins to the smaller bulding blocks.these semi-liquid nutrients are digested and absorbed via bile and pancreatic secretions in the small intestines. bowels, absorbes water and electrolytes and work as a storage for feces till they leave the body.

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