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radiology is the use of x-rays and other medical scanning methods for medical diagnose and treatment.medical scanning technology that is one of the most improving dynamics,was found in a895 by wilhwlm conrad röntgen's x-ray tube discovery.afterwards,this technology showed a rapid progression with uses of computer tomography,ultrasound and magnetic resonance systems.

Nowadays,multislice tomography systems,total body screening in a short time with advanced sopftware technology of magnestic resosnance systems and PET,PET/CT also is belong to this rapid progressed technology.ın treatment technologies,developement of cancer related therapy devices are one of the most important improvement in cancer treatment which is the most common disease in the last decades.

Medical scanning diagnose and treatment technologies has a big role in health sector developement in turkey which started easrly 90's.the improvement of medical technology in the world is followed closely by public/private health foundations and investors.

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